The “Rat” look OPTO mini is a personal project with a unique look! This project is using a Mitsubishi Outlander rear motor and differential combined with the Outlander inverter, charger and DCDC – Basically creating an Out-ini! The Mitsubishi components will be controlled using a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) to transmit can-bus messages based on the information found on the openinverter forum.

The battery pack will be a Bmw 330e Hybrid battery pack looked after by SimpBMS opensource software. Target cost for this project is sub £5000

For this project we have limited the range to 45 miles – this means that the final weight of the vehicle will be less than the original! It also allows us to fit the battery pretty much where the original fuel tank was.

The custom motor mounts for this project have been prototyped on the inhouse 3D printers in both standard PLA and then Carbon Fibre Re-enforced Nylon – This allowed us to mount the motor into the subframe before any metal work had to be fabricated.